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Moving Forward

It's Friday, and I am FREE! 

Free because I accept the things that I cannot change. 

Free because I forgive myself for my mistakes. Free because I allow myself to let go and feel pain. Pain from rejection; pain from the lack of love from those that I feel should love me; and pain from feeling like I wasn't good enough in the eyes of my step mother. Free because I found myself and my happiness. Free because I learned to forgive the people that caused disappointments in my life, accept the things that I cannot control, and understand that life goes on. Free because I love people for who they are. Free because I'm appreciative of all my blessings, and gifts from the Most High. I'm free because I love myself. I'm free because I'm high on life. I'm free because I'm living, laughing, loving, and creating. And I'm free because I'm able to be me, Simplycre8eve. 

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