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As a child I looked forward to the days that we used to go to the park. I would get so excited that I couldn’t sleep and would bug my siblings with all my questions about going LOL. I enjoyed everything, from the colorful playground, to the swings.. and depending on the day, the smell of fresh cut grass. Nowadays, I rarely have time to enjoy to the park which is why I was really excited about getting a few shots at the playground. So nostalgic! Being the big kid that I am, I got on the swings, stood on the chair as if I was Super Woman… Until it started swigging out of control and the photographer had to help me off LOL. Typically this is not what I would wear to the playground but I wanted to wear something that had nothing to do with my surrounding. I wore a red vintage tunic with a built-in-tie which I decide to wear as a short dress. Paired with black stockings and some brown oxfords that my friend affectionately teased me about saying that they “Look like they came straight from Geppetto’s Workshop ” lol (Pinocchio’s’s Dad). I kept my accessories to a minimum wearing a bracelet made out of pennies, a little eyeglass ring and vintage shades I purchased from a thrift store for $1.06

Top: Vintage Ring: Macy’s Shoes: Big Buddha Shades: Thrift

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