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My first experience with Ben Nye products took place more than 8 yrs ago at a costume shop in Tallahassee, Fl . I was looking for special effects kits when I came across a palette of amazing eyeshadows . The colors were vibrant and they glide on effortlessly, not to mention they were very affordable. I was amazed to say the least. From that moment on, I started experimenting with other Ben Nye products and that’s how I discovered the luxury powders. The banana powder is a translucent powder with a hint of color. It’s micro-milled for a silky fine texture with a superior matte finish. I used it as a highlighter and depending on the skin tone as a finishing powder. I decided to do a mini tutorial to show you how I use it.

“Beyoutiful” makeup should always begin with a nice canvas YOUR SKIN!!!

  1. Start with clean moisturized skin.

  2. Use primer all over or in the areas where you need it, such as the t-zones (nose, forehead & cheeks, it forms like a T, these are the areas people tend to be more oily at) or large pores.

  3. Next, using a foundation brush apply foundation all over.

  4. Set it with a sheer pressed or loose powder.

  5. Then using a wedge sponge apply the “banana luxury powder” in the areas shown in the picture below.

6. The banana powder will provide a nice highlight and catch any eye shadow fall outs that may occur when you’re doing your eye makeup.

7. When you’re done with your eyes using a fan brush wisk away the excess powder.

8. Apply blush, lipstick, gloss, or both and you’re good to go.

MAC Eye Shadows :

On Lid: Fresh Flare In Crease: Tease with Ease (Fuchsia Color) and Beauty Marked (Dark Smokey Color) MAC Eyeliner: Black Track MAC Mascara: False Lashes MAC Lip GLoss: CreamSheen Glass Pettite Indulgence

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