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Those who know the widely used Social Media term… Nooooo it’s not what you think! LOL! I mean this is all about curing your thirst but this is for real! We’ll be starting a new post putting a delightful twist on the newly used term “Thirsty Thursdays” each & every Thursday on Drink Recipes. Whether it will be Juicing, Smoothies, Mixers or Hot Drinks like Coffee & Tea we’ll be providing you with quality yummy recipes that I hope all will enjoy! Tell one, tell all, Thirsty Thursdays is here!

Today’s Thirsty Thursday Drink...

Colorful Dream

1/4 of a small Purple Cabbage

1 Whole Carrot

A chunk of Ginger

A few Mint Leaves (if you like your drink minty you can add more)

1 Peeled Orange

Health Benefits:

Though a relatively low energy food, raw purple cabbage is a good source of nutrients, particularly vitamins. For example, a cup of cabbage is rich in vitamin C and vitamin A. The cabbage contains almost no fat at all.

Carrots. With this orange crunchy powerfood, you get vitamin A and a host of other powerful health benefits including beautiful skin, cancer prevention, and anti-aging Ginger works wonders in many areas of your body including ovarian & colon cancer prevention, menstrual cramps & migraine relief, motion & morning sickness (for those hangovers ), reduces pain & inflammation, heartburn relief, cold & flu prevention & treatment & so much more!

Mint Leaves helps from respiratory to nausea to headache relief.

As we know Oranges are a great source for Vitamin C but it can also give great benefits such as protections against cardiovascular disease, cholestoral-lowering benefits, great source of fiber (whole orange can equal 12.5%). The vitamins an orange includes are thiamine, folate, Vitamin A (in the form of beta-carotene), potassium & calcium!

As you can see that this juice is full of health benefits & is just what you body needs to get going in the morning!

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